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   "Heathers" is a parody of high school life that might be described as "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" meets "If..." The plot revolves around a clique of three snobbish girls, all named Heather, and Veronica (Winona Ryder), a frustrated Heather wanna-be. But to consider this a mere attack of adolescent elitism would be far too limiting. It starts off innocently enough. We are introduced to the typical Hollywood vision of teenage life, with such cliches like the exaggerated "nerds" and "jocks. However, the setting turns out to be more like the surreal landscape of a warped comedy than another John Hughes film. The taunted Veronica meets the ultimate "cool kid," called Jason Dean no less. This stranger (Christian Slater) wears an earring, rides a motorcycle and packs... a Magnum revolver? Veronica desires the death of Heather #l and J.D. answers her wishes. Thus begins the descent into madness. Murders are covered up as teenage suicides, and the adults don't even know how to react. Some viewers will probably be offended by "Heathers," but others will love the scathing satire.

Responses by the characters to the crises range from confusion to exploitative. Even the media's coverage is lampooned. The ridiculing, though, is not amoral. While the tone is prone to wild shifts in temperment, the heart of this bizarre movie is, in fact, quite sensible.

Praise should be given to the performers. Christian Slater as J.D. is impressive. He can charm the audience just as his alter ego woos Veronica but still show signs of hidden deception. One of the movie's most wicked pleasures is witnessing Slater slowly becoming unhinged. Winona Ryder, who is as close to a sane person as the film gets, is also impeccable. A versatile young actress, she endears herself to the viewers. Kudos are also earned by writer Daniel Waters and director Michael Lehman for creating this unique film. "Heathers" is the type of picture that can grow on a person. n

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i love this so much!

on Dec. 20 2011 at 4:04 pm
DoloresDarling, Cambridge, Ohio
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I adored this movie! <3

You described it perfectly!


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