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   "Pump up the Volume" starring Christian Slater, is one of the best movies of last summer. It is all about teens and their problems. Christian Slater plays Mark Hunter, a boy from the East who moves with his mother and father to Paradise Hills, Arizona, a seemingly perfect suburb.

Things are not as they seem. The principal expels students for being pregnant and to raise the school's academic average.

Mark is just a little bit frustrated with suburban life, so at 10: 00 every night he becomes Happy Harry Hardon (Hard Harry), a cynical dj on a pirate radio station from his basement. The teachers don't like him because he is waking up the students to the unfairness they are being handed. If I told you anything else, I would truly be ruining it for you (check out the microwave scene).

The music is great, totally pumping. The acting is superb by Slater. . Overall, the movie gives a feeling of reality, as if I were there myself. Very involving, there were many vulgarities and nasty talk, but it all serves a purpose. Great movie!!n

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i love this so much!


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