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   Having never seen Peter Bogdanavich's "The Last Picture Show," (but after seeing brief clips) I can tell that it is something to see. "Texasville" is its sequel and it takes place in 1984, 30 years later. Jeff Bridges plays Duane, a former millionaire who is now $12 million dollars in debt. Annie Potts plays his wife, a very feisty woman. Jacy, played by Cybill Shepard, is Duane's former high school girlfriend, who returns after a failed acting career. Duane battles the emotions he feels for her, in addition to his lack of respect for the vow of marriage.

"Texasville" is really a big soap opera. It is very entertaining, but there is too much chatter going on for there to be emotion. "TLPS," shot in black and white, seemed more centered on the characters' emotions and feelings. It was a drama; "Texasville" is a comedy. "Texasville" is about the tragedy of getting old, and the fact that you really can't go home again.

Its sad mood is reflected in the dusty Texas town, its roads, empty sky and empty fields. Everything reminds you of dry things, like empty bottles and skulls in the desert. This atmosphere of loneliness and despair doesn't mix with the joking attitude.

I enjoyed "Texasville," but I wouldn't recommend it because you might get fidgety and bored. "Texasville" is two hours of almost non-stop dialogue and most people wouldn't be able to deal with that. It is about relationships, with no action. At the same time it is not romantic, and it doesn't have a happy ending that ties everything up in a neat package. I recommend "Texasville" only for those who are "pure" moviegoers, and love the movies and the feelings they stir up in the viewers. These are the feelings that the people in Texasville lost when the moviehouse was torn down.

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