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   When I found out "Marked for Death" "was coming to a theater near you," I leaped off my couch and made plans to see it.

The movie stars Steven Seagal. You may have seen him in the hit, "Hard to Kill." It seems Seagal only stars in violent movies. "Marked for Death" is no exception.

The movie begins in South America, with Seagal as an undercover DEA agent. After the bullets fly and the blood-drenched bodies drop, Seagal returns to the U.S., where he retires from the DEA. Seagal returns to his hometown to visit his family, and is reunited with an old buddy. He proceeds to make the Jamaican "posse," or the drug lords of the town, extremely angry at him. Thus, Seagal and his family are marked for death.

The movie continues with an extreme amount of violence,such as sword fights, and shoot-outs. I never knew that the human body would bend and crack in so many different directions. If you like violence, I think you will love this movie; if you don't, you will probably hate it. n

Rated R - No one under 17 admitted without adult.

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i love this so much!


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