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   This movie is R rated. Those under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Bringing together Geena Davis of "Beetlejuice" and Susan Sarandon of "Bull Durham" gives "Thelma and Louise" a lot of its spunk. This feminist buddies-on-the-run movie captures you and keeps you totally detached from the real world and makes you literally not want to come back.

Davis plays Thelma, a repressed housewife who's caught in an almost abusive marriage. Although her husband does not physically abuse her, he keeps her confined to the house with only her dreams and hopes. Maybe that's the reason she has only one good friend, Louise, played by Sarandon. Louise has been through just about everything a middle-aged waitress with a dark past can go through. So, trapped in a male-chauvinistic world, they decide to get away on a fishing trip. After packing up and only leaving a short note, Thelma and Louise speed off in Louise's peeling Thunderbird.

On the first night of their drive, they make a pit stop at a local bar where Louise shoots and kills a local "pig" after he tries to rape Thelma. With that, Thelma and Louise start their fugitive adventure. Thelma's ditsiness gets them in hotter and hotter water and they need to commit more and more crimes to survive until they become two of the most wanted ladies in two states.

This movie takes a while to get going. In fact, the beginning makes you want to go out and buy some popcorn. But once it gets rolling, it's incredibly fast-paced, despite its simple plot. You get emotionally caught up with these two fun characters and are awed by the actress's stunning performances which demonstrate the importance of real friendship. Despite the fact that these best friends are too tidily matched, it's fun to watch them come to terms with themselves.

"Thelma and Louise" gives a scary perspective of how people can be pursued by the law, even in their innocence. After car chases, emotional recovering, and other adventures, there is an "end-of-the-road" finale that is quite shocking. n

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i love this so much!

mplo said...
on Jul. 17 2016 at 10:38 am
Thelma and Louise was funny and thrilling and scary at the same time. Not only does it provide an insight as to how people, despite being innocent, can be pursued by the law (which, all too often, happens in real life, even nowadays, btw.), but it also provides a good insight as to what women have to put up with, go through, and deal with on a regular, everyday, ongoing basis. I liked this film a great deal.


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