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   In a time when rehashed, reused and iill-conceived romance stories flood the theaters with few, if any, original story-lines, "Ghost" tells a new story. After all, how many movies can you think of where a woman loves a dead man who, in order to save her, learns how to move inanimate objects for her protection. Come to think of it, how many movies have dead people as protagonists? But aside from being original, this movie also has a message to relate: death is not necessarily a punishment, or at least we do not have to look at it that way.

The entertainment value of this picture also merits notice, because it's one of those movies that really gets its viewer into the plot and makes its story feel important somehow. Demi Moore is great as the deceased's lover and Patrick Swayze is not bad as the ghost. Whoopi Goldberg steals the film though (and won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress). With her psychic role, she lightens the movie up while saving Molly from the murderers (who ended her fiance's life).

The one problem with "Ghost" is that the viewer doesn't really get a good look at what the couple's life was like before they were forced apart. On the whole, however, "Ghost" is a fantastic movie, an original and heart-warming story, with a funny script and an intense story-line. n

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