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   OK, so the critics only gave it two stars, that doesn't mean it isn't worth your money. Let's face it, Christian Slater is hotter than a tropical island at the equator. I have to admit the only reason I went to see "Kuffs" was to see him in action. Believe me, there was plenty of action. This drama/action/love/suspense/comedy had its fair share of fist fights, car chases, and bullet holes, but what made them different was a tinge of comedy. It wasn't "Police Academy" humor, it was comedy Christian Slater-style.

Slater plays George Kuffs, an irresponsible young adult who borrows money off his brother. When his brother, the head of police, is murdered by some gangster, Kuffs takes over to preserve his brother's name. Through a series of intimate dialogues with the camera, Kuff tells the audience his thoughts and theories on life. It reminded me of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

In an interview in Details magazine, Slater said in response to a question about how similar he is to the character he played, "I'm the same kind of guy: a dreamer who doesn't like discipline or responsibility and would like to just slough off the rest of his life. I felt like I learned some lesson, so I could relate to that." So this movie is not all fiction. You can learn a lot about Slater himself.

But, guys, do not fret, Christian Slater may not make your blood bubble, but Milla Jovovich (Slater's girlfriend in the movie) is no witch! If she doesn't appeal to your senses, I don't know who will.

I guess you do have to be in a light-hearted mood to get the full effect of "Kuffs," otherwise it will probably get your mind off whatever is worrying you (i.e. school, family, society). It isn't a movie that will change your life, but it does what movies were originally made for ... TO ENTERTAIN.

I loved it. n

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