Forgetting Sarah Marshall

November 14, 2008
By miriah sharp, Dell Rapids, SD

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a romantic disaster comedy. It show a lot of jelousy and anger. Forgettin Sarah Marshall is a comedy about a couple who breaks up because this girl leaves her boyfriends for some other crazy guy. When he tries to get her back, everything goes wrong.
This movie is about a young couple who has been together for five and a half years. After all these years Peter (Jason Segel) finds out that his girlfriend Sarah was leaving him for another man. Peter also finds out that Sarah has been seeing this other man for a year! After the breakup Peter is devastated! When he follows Sarah to Hawaii, he tries to win her back! Along the way, he meets a terrific girl that he starts to fall for.
The director of the movie is Nicholas Stoller. He has directed in many movies like this one. Jason Segel played as Peter, which was one of the main characters. Peter was Sarah's boyfriend, until she dumped him. Kristen Bell played as Sarah Marshall. She was also a main character. She was the one who dated Peter for 5 and a half years, until she made a big mistake and left him for somebody else. Jason started falling for another main character; which was Mila Kunis playing as Rachel. All of these characters did an amazing job at playing their roles.
Overall, I thought this movie was great. It tied comedy, romance, and drama all together. All of these things made the movie so interesting. I like it because I had many of laughs. There is also a lot of conflict, which makes it interesting also. It is good when a movie can surprise you at the ending, and this one did it! I thought for sure I knew exactly what was going to happen, and when I was wrong it shocked me!
I give this movie a 9 out of ten stars because it was a great movie. I probably wouldn't make it my favorite. However, I would watch it again, and I would suggest it to other people. I love movies with drama, romance, and comedy, and this movie has them all! I also love how well the actors played their parts. The directing was wonderful!
In conclusion, Peter finds out that Sarah and her boyfriend has broken up. Peter was so happy when he found this out. After Sarah's break up, she wants Peter back. Peter takes the offer for about two minutes but then he realized how much he liked this Rachel girl. After realizing what Sarah did to him, he told Sarah off, and moved on with his new love Rachel! Sarah was left behind with nothing! She made the biggest mistake of her life!

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