November 14, 2008
By Justin Parrott, Dell Rapids, SD

The “Ironman” movie was without a doubt over the top. “Ironman” keeps you captivated the entire time you are watching it. It is definitely one you will want to see if you already haven't.

Tony Stark, a rich industrialist, is having the military test out some of his top of the line weapons, but on the ride back to his plane the squad he is in gets ambushed. Tony is taken captive and is supposed to build a super weapon. Instead he builds a suit and uses it to fight his way out of his captors grip.

Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/Ironman) did a fantastic job. He brought his character to life and he made you feel like you could feel the struggles and triumphs that Tony experienced throughout the movie. Robert definitely took the lead role in the movie. After all he played Ironman, but his supporting cast did an excellent job as well. They all helped to bring the movie together and made it reach that over the top stage.

Jon Favreau did an astonishing job directing this movie. Favreau knew exactly how he wanted “Ironman” to turn out, and he did precisely that. The movie was amazing, thanks to a great cast and director.

The special effects in this film were perfect. They were not overdone, but yet they were always there throughout the movie. They made the movie more fun to watch and they kept you in awe the entire time. The genre of this film is definitely action. There was action from start to finish and it made the movie watching experience all the better.

I thought “Ironman” was absolutely magnificent. It was a great movie to watch and I would definitely see it again. “Ironman” was definitely a success and it will continue to wow it's viewers for some time. It easily takes its place among the must see films. I would give “Ironman” the rating 9.5 out of 10.

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