The Eye

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

A futuristic movie that is haunting, thrilling, and has slight humor to it. “The Eye” is just something indescribable. Something you have to see to believe.
Sydney Wells (Jessica Alba) is a normal person just like anyone else. Except she is blind, has been blind for a while now. Dr. Paul Faulkner (Alessandro Nivola) gives her an opportunity of a life time. To have the ability to see once again.
Seeing does not always believe, and sometimes not seeing at all would be the best thing. It's a race to the end to figure out what Wells is seeing and how to exactly solve that problem. Save her from insanity or even from death.
Jessica Alba is and has always been an amazing actress. She has done action movies like Fantastic Four, and even comedies like The Love Guru. Just to prove that she has won nine Golden Globes and was nominated for twenty eight more.
I don't know if they are really special effects. In “The Eye” they had to make things appear foggy or hazy when she first got her new eyes and to have things pop out, even has things explode. I mean it adds spice to the movie and helps get the point across.
In my personal opinion this movie was interesting. It could have been a little scarier just to keep up with the times. People like scary movies ones that will make you just jump out of your seat. I like the ones that are actually scary enough to make me scream.
If you would like a movie to scary you and yet enlighten you. Maybe you should watch this movie. It's a fantastic movie; it just doesn't seem scary enough. Still with the plot twist and turns you will enjoy it.
This movie deserves an 8!

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