Baby Mama

November 11, 2008
Do you know what a “baby mama” is? Well, if you don't, that's okay. I didn't either until I watched the movie “Baby Mama.” “Baby Mama” is a really funny movie with great acting. I really enjoyed this movie!

The movie is about a woman who can't physically have a baby. So she has to hire someone else. The other woman she has hired is the complete opposite of her. So they have to try to get along with each other. Tiny Fey (the one who can't have a baby) is polite and tidy. Amy Poehler (the one who is having the baby for Tina) is impolite and messy. Will they be able to get along and have t his baby?

One of the reasons I liked this movie was because of its great acting. Steve Martin played one of the funniest roles in this movie. His role was Tina Fey's boss who owned an organic products company. Tina Fey played a woman who wanted a baby but couldn't have one. Now Amy Poehler is who Tina Fey hired to have a baby for her.

Another reason I liked this movie is because it was really funny. Amy and Tina sang horribly in this movie. They were playing American Idol and had really bad voices. Now since Amy was irresponsible she did some rude things. Like when she kept on sticking all of her gum under the table. Then when Tina asked her if she stuck her gum under the table she said “I don't know?” So Amy and Tina worked really well together in this film.

The final thing I liked about this movie was the contrast between Amy and Tina. They were both different responsible-wise. Amy was really irresponsible with her ways. Like how she faked she was pregnant and didn't tell Tina. Now Tina on the other hand was very responsible. She had a great job, a great house, and everything she needed.

I really think you enjoy this movie. GO out and rent it now or you will regret it! I hope that you will laugh as hard as I did.

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