Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

November 10, 2008
Have you ever heard of a magical toy store where all the toys are alive? Well if you haven’t, “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” is just that. This movie is wonderful and extremely hilarious. Almost everything is out of this world, and it has a wonderful story line.

Mr. Magorium owns a toy store and is 243 years old. Almost everyone knows about the store and knows his name, except for one person from Detroit who called him Steve. He knows it is close to the time that he must go because of his shoes. He had once stopped in a small shop and fell in love with these shoes so much he bought enough to last his entire life. Mr. Magorium starts the movie with three workers: Molly Mahoney, who is the manager, Eric Applebaum, a nine-year-old kid with a hat collection, and Bellini, a bookmaker who was born in the basement, and has lived in the basement his whole life. Now that Mr. Magorium knows he doesn’t have that much time left, he hires Henry Weston, the accountant, aka Mutant. Don’t ask why they call him Mutant until you watch the movie! During the movie bouncy balls try to escape, a store throws a temper tantrum, and a sock monkey tries to make a new friend. The store also gets very sad, so sad it turns gray, after Mr. Magorium leaves the Earth.

This is a wonderful and extremely hilarious movie because the store actually acts like a kid. Mr. Magorium also is a bit confusing, like if you ask for a fish mobile you can get fresh fish on it or frozen fish, which are high in cholesterol. Mutant, who is pretty much called that the entire movie, doesn’t believe the store is magical, so he gets tricked quite a bit. Also when Mr. Magorium shows Mutant to the office where he will work he explains that all the papers are receipts, important documents, and doodles that he has never framed, and he says he can’t really tell the difference.

This movie is out of this world. The toys are alive; they play with the kids just as much as the kids play with them. Also there’s this big tough guy with tattoos and a mustache, who sleeps with a teddy bear in the basement! In addition, Eric, the nine-year-old kid, builds Abe Lincoln out of Lincoln logs, by himself! Mr. Magorium even has a pet zebra named Mortimer, who is very shy.

This movie is very similar to a book; the movie has chapters introduced by Eric, like “A change of heart, mind, and of pants.” Don’t ask me why they do that. It’s their movie. This movie also has a different story line; it has more than one problem, more than one thing with a problem, and more than one climax, which I know sounds weird.

Will the store become exciting again, or will the sock monkey ever get Mutant’s attention? Will they ever stop calling Mutant, Mutant? Watch the movie and find out!

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Princess said...
Jan. 25, 2009 at 11:25 am
I love Mr Magorium's Wonder in Emporium
do you love Mr Magorium's Wonder in Emporium.
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