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   Last weekend I had time to catch a great movie. "Point Break," starring Keanu Reeves as a rookie F.B.I iagent, is an action-packed flick that you won't want to miss! It also stars Patrick Swayze as an accomplished surfer who would risk his life for the thrill of jumping out of a plane, or riding the uncontrollable wave. Keanu is assigned to a case where five men have been dressing up as ex-presidents and robbing banks. Through several in-depth investigations, the F.B.I comes to the conclusion that the criminals are surfers or beachcombers. Going undercover, Reeves is befriended by Swayze, and stumbles onto a bizarre gang of rebels. He learns of the criminals' identities, but cannot turn them in, for he feels a bond stronger than friendship. These men were just looking for the "ultimate wave."

"Point Break" is a movie with a little bit of everything. It is full of action, and is spiced with a bit of suspense and romance. "Point Break" is full of trials and tribulations that will grab your heart and move you to the edge of your seat. Since "Point Break" is now on video, and I would definitely recommend you pick it up. n

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i love this so much!


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