Iron Man

November 7, 2008
By Caitlyn Tani, Westminster, CO

If you enjoyed Spider Man or The Incredible Hulk you’ll enjoy the action, adventure and drama in Iron Man. The special effects in this movie are outstanding, and the fight scenes are the best they’ve been since X-Men. In this film an unlikable character turns into a very personable human being. By the end of the movie this villain has turned into a hero. Iron Man was released in May 2008, directed by Jon Favreau, and written by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby.
The main character’s name was Tony Stark (played by Robert Downy Jr.) and his occupation is making and creating weapons for the US military. He inherited his father’s legacy after his father passed away from a brutal plane crash and His father’s right hand man Obadiah Stone (Jeff Bridges) assisted Tony in rebuilding his father’s business. The meaning of Stark legacy was to protect the military in the US. Stark was making a business trip to promote his latest weapon the “Jericho”, when he was captured and brought behind enemy lines, in Afghanistan. He was brutally forced to remake the “Jericho” missile and give it to the people that he was fighting against. When he was in captivity he created a high tech. suit that would protect him and help him make a daring escape. Once he successfully returned home he felt it necessary to shut down the family business and reconsider the direction of the business. In that time he started to reconstruct the iron suit, and he used it to destroy all the weapons that were dealt under the table to the people who had taken him captive.
My favorite scene in this movie would be when Tony Stark just finished rebuilding the suit. He went back to where he was held captive and he used the suit to protect the innocent people that were getting tortured and killed. He refused to let the people who were killing have the weapons he made. He protects the innocent and punishes the evil doers. That’s were the name “Iron Man” comes from. In this and many other scenes the writers show how the main character turns into such a “good guy.”
In the beginning of the film, Tony Stark describes himself as a merchant of death. By stating this it shows that Tony Stark knows what he’s doing is morally wrong and he still does it. In this movie you will see how such an obvious villain can become a hero. Iron Man should be added as another great marvel movie.

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stiger24 said...
on Nov. 19 2008 at 8:07 pm
This was great! And I totally agree! Tony Stark did change his role from the villian to the hero in the movie! I also thought that your intro was great too! Your mention of other action movies really made you seem like you are an expert on the subject! :D

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