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   "Sneakers" is a new film from Phil Alden Robinson, who wrote and directed the 1989 sleeper "Field of Dreams." From the response "Sneakers" has gotten in just a few weeks (it grossed $21.4 million in its first two weeks), it looks like this is another hit. "Sneakers" is a smart, slick, and entertaining high-tech thriller. The film stars Robert Redford, who leads a rat-pack of characters including a teenage delinquent who just happens to be a computer hacker, played by River Phoenix. There is also an ex-C.I.A. spy (Sidney Poitier), an eccentric surveillance specialist played by Dan Aykroyd, and a blind man who is an expert at detecting super-sensitive sounds. This high-tech Dirty Dozen are hired by large companies to break into their buildings to test their security systems.

One day, Marty (Redford) meets with two men who are supposedly national security agents. Marty is forced to accept their job, or they threaten to expose the computer crimes he committed in college. After they do "the Job," with the help of Marty's ex-girlfriend (Mary "Dances with Wolves" McDonnell), they find out the agents are not who they say they are. From here on the movie is cranked up to full speed. The question becomes who is on which side. "Sneakers" is sure to be an audience pleaser. The film blends perfectly the elements of suspense, action, and humor, making for a heck of a high-tech adventure. n

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