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   The Fugitive

Gripping is the only word to describe this movie. The Fugitive should have won the award for best picture. Harrison Ford plays a very convincing Doctor Richard Kimball. This intense movie is a remake of the series and is excellent in taking a TV series to the big screen. Tommy Lee Jones plays Marshall Samuel Gerard who chases Dr. Kimball. Sela Ward (from the TV series Sisters) plays Dr. Kimball's wife who gets bludgeoned and shot at the start of the movie.

The plot describes how Dr. Kimball is convicted of murdering his wife with his gun and marble paperweight. Wrongly sentenced to death by lethal injection, Dr. Kimball has to prove his innocence. The bus taking him to the prison flips over and gets hit by a train. Fortunately, he gets away in the nick of time and starts a journey of close calls and detective work to try to convict the right man.

The movie has a very suspenseful ending. Tommy Lee Jones is perfect in his role and deserved the Oscar he won for Best Supporting Actor.

This was a thrilling, non-stop action, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants suspense film. .

Review by D. B., Salem, MA

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