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   With Honors is a movie set at Harvard University about a college senior named Monty. He's trying to complete his thesis so that he can graduate "with honors." There's a blackout and his computer loses his thesis, of which he has only one copy, and he breaks his ankle.

That's when he meets Simon Wilder. He finds the thesis and in exchange for one page of it, Monty has to do something nice for Simon. At first they resent each other but as the movie progresses and the plot thickens, they grow to really care about each other. Simon offers Monty insight on life and love, which he has picked up from his many travels. Monty begins to realize that his thesis and schoolwork are not the most important things in life; that friends who care and really living are.

This is a good movie. It has a good plot but I believe it's the acting that makes this movie really special. Brendan Fraser is great as Monty and Joe Pesci plays the wise-cracking Simon to perfection. Moira Kelly is also good as the girl Monty is secretly in love with. .

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i love this so much!


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