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   Lately it seems that every movie to hit the big screen is filled with either non-stop violence, gratuitous sex scenes, or both. And seeing Only You, the viewer might expect to find the same thing. This movie, however, contains nothing but good, old-fashioned love scenes.

Unlike any other recent movies, Only You manages to be sweet, funny, and romantic all at once. Marisa Tomei plays the perfect "Cinderella-like" character. She even loses her shoe at one point and, in doing so, just happens to meet the other star of the movie, Robert Downey Jr. He plays a Prince Charming as no one else could. Downey possesses the amazing ability to mesmerize every woman in the audience from the moment he walks on the screen.

Every aspect of this movie implies romance and love. The director even set the film in Italy to supply it with an extra air of romanticism.

If this movie contains one problem it is that it speaks to women more than to men. Not many guys rush to the theater to see a "sappy" movie. For some unknown reason, women enjoy going to the movies to see things that make them cry, whether they be tears of joy or sadness. Only You brings a tear to the eye of even the toughest female.

Though completely fictional, this movie teaches many things to both women and men. It paints a lovely picture of the way life should, and could be if people lived it correctly. And to top it all off, Tomei and Downey light a definite spark that gives Only You many unique characteristics. .

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