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   Dead Presidents is a movie filled with black culture, heart, and an ending you won't expect. A lower-class South Bronx teenager, Anthony Curtis, starts a career running numbers for the crime boss, Kirby. When Anthony is old enough, he enrolls himself in the Marines. He serves four years in battle in the Vietnam War. Anthony sees many of his own men die, and he does what he has to do to stay alive. A close friend of Anthony's, Skip (Chris Tucker) gets addicted to drugs, mainly heroin, while they're in Vietnam.

When Anthony returns, he sees how the world has changed. He starts a new life trying to support his wife Juanita (Rose Jackson) and four-year-old daughter. He gets a job as a butcher in a small store, but it's just not enough money to support a family. Toward the end, Anthony gets fired and needs money fast.

Anthony plans to rob a bank that's getting a delivery of a couple hundred thousand dollars. A total of six people are in on the heist: Anthony, Juanita's sister, Kirby, Skip, one of Anthony's and Skip's childhood friends, and a war buddy/minister. They do wind up getting the money. Now I know you think I spoiled the ending for you, but I didn't. There is one more shocking event in the movie that will just blow you away.

There are a few disturbing scenes and a lot of foul language, but overall the movie was good C well worth the time and money

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i love this so much!


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