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   Boring, dull, unoriginal. Three words that describe this film in its entirety. As I sat and tried to concentrate on what was happening, my mind was constantly wandering. This film, starring John Travolta and Danny DeVito, was one of the worst that I have ever sat through.

I found the plot very confusing and difficult to follow. The movie centers around four static characters who are intertwined in countless ways. John Travolta plays an L.A. movie producer, which makes this movie impossible to follow because the events of the movie were being made into a movie produced by him as part of the plot. I get confused just recounting it. Somehow Travolta then becomes involved in some bogus business deals C but it is never really made clear exactly what he does. The viewer learns many things with no significance to the plot. It is impossible to keep relationships straight when the action never stops. Do not get me wrong, I love action as much as the next person, but it has to be warranted. There were people shooting at each other for no apparent reason.

In addition to being confusing, I thought the film was extremely trite. How many times do you see a movie where one character schemes to cause trouble for another and ends up in a bind himself? This cycle repeated itself several times.

The advertisements for this movie portray it as funny and entertaining; however, I did all that I could just to keep my eyes open C it was far from comical. I also found it hard to believe that DeVito was considered a major character when he appeared in only two scenes of this 110-minute film. I was surprised at Travolta's performance because usually he is a much better actor; however he did not have much to work with in this film. This is one film that I advise you not to waste either your money or your time watching

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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