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   Recently the movie Two If By Sea opened at theaters. Many people awaited its arrival to see the rising stars, actress Sandra Bullock and the outrageous comedian, Denis Leary in action. Although the critics did not give this movie good reviews, people would think with such celebrated stars that the movie would have to be great.

In the last year Sandra Bullock's career has risen with her recent movies, especially her outstanding performance in the hit movie, Speed. Denis Leary is better known for his work as a comedian and on MTV, although he also is now starting to concentrate on his movie career. Denis has been in other movies, for example, The Ref, in which he was the star.

Unfortunately in Two If By Sea neither of the actors seems to shine. Neither was great nor did they have roles which could be considered Oscar material, but in spite of that, the movie was somewhat entertaining. Ms. Bullock and Mr. Leary play petty thieves who aren't quite sure what they want to do with their lives. They play two outgoing and stubborn personalities with conflicts that, at times, cause humorous scenes. Although the movie did not lack humor, its plot was quite weak. Everything leading up to the resolution seemed too easy, or predictable, leaving the viewer with the impression that something was missing. Overall the movie was disappointing and did not boost either actor's careers.

This movie should not be considered a terrible one, but a movie to be taken light-heartedly C a charming, silly romantic comedy. I give it a "C" rating

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