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   When people talk about Casper, most think it is strictly a kids' movie. I did not bother to see it in the movie theater because I thought it would be a movie that the kids I baby-sit would watch. But one day in the movie store, I decided to rent it because nothing else was in. When I saw it, I was totally surprised. I loved it. I must have watched the video 20 times before returning it. After returning it, I bought it.

Bill Pullman and Christina Ricci are the main characters along with, of course, Casper. Kerrington (Cathy Moriarty) plays the mean-spirited woman who wants her inheritance left to her by her rich father. Her inheritance is Whipstaff Manor, a rundown mansion that is said to be haunted. Kerrington, along with her partner Dibs (Eric Idle), set out to find the labeled treasure. They run into three problems: Stretch, Stinky and Fatso (who are Casper's three uncles). This is where Dr. James Harvey (Bill Pullman), a "ghost therapist" and his loner daughter Kat (Christina Ricci), come. Throughout the movie, Casper is looking for a friend. This movie is amusing and witty. It is something the whole family should see

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i love this so much!


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