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   I must admit I'm prejudiced when it comes to anything involving Muppets. I love Muppets. I've seen all of their movies at least five times. It's my secret dream to meet Kermit or Gonzo. When I was six, I wanted to be a Muppet when I grew up. I cried when Jim Henson died. So, by now you've probably guessed that I loved this movie. It's the liveliest, craziest, most enjoyable adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's book. I think he would have been proud. My friend and I laughed so hard and loud throughout the film that we were positive we'd be thrown out of the theater. It was funny, but there are so many excellent reasons to see this movie.

First, you'll be amazed by Tim Curry's convincing performance as Long John Silver. He's accompanied by an intriguing band of pirates both human and Muppets. Next, Fozzie and the man who lives in his finger (no, that isn't a misprint) are a comic duo surpassing Laurel and Hardy. Another "must see" is Kermit's surprising talent with a sword, and his tattoo. And what other adaptation of a classic could incorporate rats on jet skis and in scuba gear? Even if you detest love scenes, you'll appreciate the scene where Kermit and Miss Piggy sing a love song as they dangle hundreds of feet above their death. Also, watch for two familiar hecklers on the ship's bow and their unexpected heroics.

If these tantalizing hints pique your interest and you're a fellow Muppet lover, immediately spend two hours on the zaniest, most insane treasure hunt at your local theater

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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