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   Hollywood has released many respectable movies, but none compare to "While You Were Sleeping." This film features Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman, two outstanding actors.

Bullock portrays a lonely woman without family and only a few close friends. Her life consists of her job at a Chicago elevated train station. Consequently, Lucy (Bullock) is expected to work every holiday, including Christmas. It was Christmas day that her entire life changes. Peter Callaghan, who Lucy considers exceptionally attractive, is waiting for the train when he is mugged and pushed onto the tracks. Due to his fall, he slips into a coma.

At the hospital, everybody assumed that Lucy is Peter's fianc". Even his family believes this and welcomes Lucy into their family. There is one problem though ... Pete's brother, Jack.

Jack (Pullman) is, at once, captivated by Lucy. Except for the fact that he can't conceive of a relationship between Lucy and his brother, everything points to the fact that they are really engaged. He attempts to uncover what he presumes to be the truth about Lucy.

While today many movies are similar to others, "While You Were Sleeping" is genuinely original and well thought-out. In most movies, the ending is usually the most interesting part, but, with this film, it is the opposite. The ending is exceptional, but the median of movie is the best aspect.

"While You Were Sleeping" is well worth taking the time and spending the money to rent..

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