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   Even though this movie won the Double Golden Turkey Award for the worst picture and worst director in the entire history of motion pictures, it is still widely watched. In fact, Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space is considered one of America's most popular cult classics.

Is it day or night? You'd never be able to tell in the first couple of scenes, as people get in their cars in the dark and all of a sudden drive off in broad daylight. Isn't stock footage wonderful? Hubcaps, no wait ... I mean flying saucers are taking over the Earth!

The infamous plan nine (world domination by resurrecting the dead) fails, just like the other eight plans. The audience is still left wondering what those other eight plans were, for they were not mentioned at all in the film. Will the aliens ever give up? In Plan Nine the aliens from some unknown planet hope to take over the world by resurrecting the dead to form large, mindless armies of zombies. That is the entire plot (if you wish to call that a plot).

The special effects are not so special, after all there wasn't much money put into this film. It is apparent that the flying saucers are hubcaps held up by wires, and Ed Wood uses a bit too much stock footage. In one scene, where the U.S. Army is supposed to be blowing up the flying saucers, it skips to war footage resembling World War One. In the graveyard scenes, the gravestones are pieces of painted cardboard that keep falling over. Of course no one bothers to pick them up or edit them out of the movie.

Bela Lugosi, who plays one of the main characters, died before the filming even took place. Ed Wood just used some footage of Bela that he had previously shot.

Personally, I like this strange film; I found it quite enjoyable and amusing. I must agree that it barely has a plot and is very poorly done; but all of that just makes the movie more humorous. The fact that the movie is supposed to be serious and scary makes it even funnier. This movie is both hysterically funny and it is a bad movie.

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