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   Although it seems like a childish movie, "Space Jam" is a film for people of all ages. It features the N.B.A. superstar, Michael Jordan, along with the looney cartoon character, Bugs Bunny. Bugs and the other Warner Brothers characters are captured by aliens who want them for the main attraction at their amusement park in space. To avoid this predicament, Bugs suggests the aliens play the Warner Brother characters in a game of basketball. The winner of the game will decide the fate of Bugs and his friends. The aliens try to secure a win by stealing power from the top players in the N.B.A, while the Warner Brothers recruit Michael Jordan for their team. Together with the cartoons Michael will attempt to save Warner Brothers World.

Along with Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny are minor characters with significant parts. These characters include Bill Murray, Seinfelds' Wayne Knight, and some of the all-time best players in the N.B.A. including Larry Bird and Charles Barkley. If you're looking for a creative, funny movie, see "Space Jam." This film is also very motivational - you'll want to go out and play basketball the minute you finish watching

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i love this so much!

sunset said...
on Jan. 30 2011 at 7:00 am

best movie review



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