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   This movie is rated R. All those under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Recently I went to "The Relic" with a group of friends. I had seen the previews on TV, and the movie promised to be exciting, thrilling and scary. However, by the middle, I was disappointed since the film lacked a detailed plot, and failed to fulfill the promises of the previews. "The Relic" is about a museum staff who is terrorized by a horrible monster hidden in the cellar of the museum. In the beginning, there is a series of mysterious murders that no one can seem to account for. The murders are extremely brutal and gory, which explains the R rating.

Throughout the movie, Doctor Margo Green is putting together research on evolutionary biology, and conveniently stumbles on clue after clue about the real reason for the murders. By the middle, everyone in the audience feels like shouting out the answer to her. The monster itself is scary until its body is shown for the first time, and the computer-generated effects are obvious.

The acting is also severely lacking depth and talent. Both Doctor Green and a police detective react to the idea of a hideous and grotesque beast with astounding calmness. The special effects are indeed the only part worthy of praise, and even they are only mildly shocking. The film did have that edge of your seat effect, when it seemed to play the same scene over and over.

I consider "The Relic" an extreme disappointment. I was looking forward to a well-made horror film and was dissatisfied. This film might be slightly more entertaining on video, but as for seeing it on the big screen, I recommend you skip it

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