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   "Braveheart" is the most exhilarating video I have ever seen. While watching you cannot help but to linger on the edge of your seat as your skin prickles in anticipation. On video "Braveheart" is much longer than the movie with more scenes to enjoy.

The video begins in Scotland with a boy named William Wallace who watches his father and brother go off to fight the English. His father never returns because the King of England has offered peace to the Scots and lured them into a trap where he has them hung. Wallace is taken in by his uncle who teaches him to use his head and become a highly skilled warrior.

Wallace is later played by Mel Gibson when the movie cuts to him as a man. Mel Gibson does a great job in the role of Wallace, the leader of the Scottish rebellion. Wallace marries in secret to avoid sharing his wife with a noble. Later, an English soldier tries to rape his wife and Wallace fights off the soldiers. In the confusion his wife is caught and killed to tempt Wallace to fight. Wallace returns and fights the English while the whole town joins in. Now Wallace seeks revenge for the loss of his wife and this begins the war. Wallace fights in battles throughout the movie and thousands of rebels join to fight for their freedom from the tyranny of England.

Special effects were used to the extreme in the revolting, yet realistic battle scenes. Thousands of extras filled the shoes of the king's men and the rebellious commoners of Scotland. Body parts were cut off by the hundreds in every battle scene and fake blood formed red puddles on the once beautiful, green grass. In one scene the head of the Lord of York was sent to the King of England by Wallace as a warning. The special effects were not a disappointment.

There was never a dull moment in "Braveheart" so your eyes stayed glued the entire video. However when watching at home, you do not get the same effect as you would as if you were at the movies. But if you have a big screen TV and maybe surround-sound, you can enjoy the gruesome battle scenes as they were meant to be seen

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