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   It was long. Really, really long. No longer than that it was long! This is a perfect description of the length an anaconda can grow. Anacondas are the biggest snakes in the world. They can grow up to 40 feet. They live mostly around the Amazon River, their source of transportation. They eat by striking and coiling around the victim, squeezing so tight that the last thing you hear is the breaking of every bone in your body with veins and blood vessels exploding. Anacondas sometimes regurgitate their food to save for another time.

The movie starts off by flashing this message, so right away you know they will show the snake regurgitating, making it as gruesome as possible. The film depicts a group of people who are taking a trip down the Amazon to do a documentary on a ghost tribe. While on the river, the group finds a man stranded in a massive storm, so he joins them. They later realize that this was a trap to help him catch an anaconda. Four out of the seven members are killed, leaving it up to Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube to save the crew from villain Jon Voight before they become anaconda food.

The movie has its ups and downs - one good part is the way the creature is presented. It is very big and believable looking. But the screenplay does have noticeable flaws. How can a snake that big eat four adults in less than a week? It most likely can't. Another is its similarity to other movies and or books on similar topics.

In my mind the presenters of "Anaconda" did a great job, because from what I hear, each one-inch section of the snake was controlled by a separate microchip. "Anaconda" is still in theaters, so if you haven't seen it and are skeptical, give it a shot. If you get scared easily or plan on taking a younger sibling, don't do it unless you want to be up all night with them

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