The Ambassador

February 18, 2014

The documentary The Ambassador is a move unlike any that I have seen before. The main focus of the movie is Mads Brügger, a Danish journalist who decides to discover facts about the dark underworld of Africa and the true roles that “diplomats” play there. He decides that the best way to uncover these facts is to pose as one of these ambassadors himself. In the beginning of the move, we see Mads talking to many different people from hidden cameras he has hidden on himself. The people he talks to are wealthy businessmen who own companies which set up anyone who has enough money with diplomatic credentials, fake diplomas, and driver’s licenses for certain countries in Africa. After jumping between two different companies, both of whom try to make sure they aren’t being recorded speaking, Mads gets his credentials and travels to the Central African Republic as a “Liberian Diplomat.” Over the next hour he uncovers layers of corruption that go very deep into the government, all while acting casual and throwing humor into the movie at times with some jokes and interjections. The movie is very informative, yet very interesting all at the same time. Anyone looking for a great documentary unlike many others would enjoy The Ambassador.

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