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   A week ago, my friend and I went to see "Volcano." It shows a fictional, but possible, event happening in Los Angeles, California. The fact that on the third day this movie was out, California was struck by a couple of earthquakes, made it even more interesting.

"Volcano" not only follows one person, but jumps to other people and places, and connects them all by having them mentioned during various parts of the movie.

The main character, Tommy Lee Jones, plays a city official who doesn't believe that there is a volcano forming in the center of Los Angeles - until he is driving down the road with meteorites flying at him. Anne Heche plays the scientist who is first to hypothesize that some kind of geological event is happening under the city.

The city's fire department puts up a valiant fight to keep the lava away from the residential areas, but they don't realize that the lava is going through the many tunnels in the city. The really bad part of the tunnels is that they are insulated so they are causing super-heated veins of lava to go all over the city. When the lava hits the end, it builds up pressure until there is an eruption. Because of these tunnels, the city has a chance.

I think "Volcano" is very good. I would recommend you go see it as soon as possible

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Jenny Warren, Dover, NH

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i love this so much!


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