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   When was the last time that you saw a movie that made you think? Out of all the movies this summer, the one that left the most impact on me was "Contact." It really makes a person think about what could be out there in the universe.

It begins with no sound. The whole theater is silent. On the screen, some cool special effects show the Earth, and the moves farther back so you see our galaxy, and farther back again so you are able to see many other galaxies, and so on, so that the mood in the theater sends a chill down your spine Everything is so quiet.

Jody Foster is the main character. She is a scientist who believes in life on other planets. One day she gets a signal from outer space that turn out to be directions for a space travel machine to transport someone from Earth to the planet that is sending the signals. Jody Foster is chosen and is transported into space. The special effects are amazing. There are all these really, really cool star clusters and moons and galaxies, and everything looks so real.

Between the great plot, Jody Foster, and the special effects, this movie turned out great. It was great to see a movie that makes you think. It was over two and a half hours long, so some people thought that it dragged on. I thought it was perfect.

If you haven't seen "Contact" yet, then I you should definitely go out of your way to do so. It is very entertaining, and most people that I know that have seen it like it a lot. It makes you think, and leaves you with a feeling that we are not alone in the universe

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i love this so much!


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