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   If you are sitting home some weekend, and feel like renting a video, you shouldn't rent "Welcome to the Dollhouse." It won't make your weekend more exciting. It will most likely make you depressed and unhappy.

Released over a year ago, this movie has no point: there is no beginning, middle or end that actually means anything. It just doesn't make sense.

The movie is about a girl named Dawn who is hated by everyone: the kids at school, her teachers and even her family. Finally a boy (Brandon) likes her, so they decide to be girlfriend and boyfriend. Her brother has a band, and she falls in love with a guy named Steve who is in the band. So she breaks up with Brandon. Steve doesn't like her and ends up leaving town. Brandon is sent to a children's home and never sees Dawn again.

Then her little sister Missy gets kidnapped and Dawn feels like it is her fault because she didn't tell her their mother couldn't pick her up from ballet. So Dawn goes to find her. She takes a bus to New York and gets lost. When she calls her family to say she is coming home, they tell her that Missy is already home and no one can pick Dawn up.

Can you tell me that the movie sounds at all exciting??!! There was no point stated in the movie, which makes the movie confusing and dull. So if you are ever totally bored, don't rent "Welcome to the Dollhouse." .

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i love this so much!

Banpire said...
on May. 5 2011 at 6:59 pm
Banpire, Homosassa, Florida
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I have to disagree. Welcome to The Dollhouse wasn't a happy, upbeat film, and there was a reason for that. It was meant to accurately display what it was like to be a thirteen year old in middle school - and in my mind, it certainly did. Anyone who has been bullied or ever felt like an outcast can relate to this film and the similar struggles Dawn faces. She struggles in making friends and being accepted, as well as accepting herself. This film might not be for everyone, but that's only because it isn't filled with rainbows and sunshine - it's real life, mixed in with a few chuckles and some quirks along the way.


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