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   "Jackie Brown" is a good movie. I would have to give it three and a half stars. Academy Award winning writer/director Quentin Tarantino ("Pulp Fiction") sends America on another wild ride with "Jackie Brown." Academy Award winner Samuel L. Jackson ("Jungle Fever") plays a gun dealer who has half a million dollars in Mexico and wants to get it out. Pam Grier, who was a big star in the '70s, plays Jackie Brown, an airline stewardess who is trying to scam Jackson out of his money. Michael Keaten is an ATF agent trying to bust Jackson, using Jackie Brown. Robert Forster is in his biggest movie since "Medium Cool" from 1968. Thirty years later, he plays a bail bondsman, who helps Jackie Brown get Samuel L. Jackson's money. Academy Award-winner Robert DeNiro ("Raging Bull") plays an old friend of Samuel L. Jackson who just got out of jail. DeNiro's small part is outstanding. Bridget Fonda plays a dope fiend who is Jackson's girlfriend. All these characters seem to fit in well with very few holes.

"Jackie Brown" is violent but entertaining and makes the point that your life is more important than money. I strongly recommend it. Tarantino shows he really is a great writer/director. .

This movie is rated R. All those under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

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