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   Pleasantville Last weekend, I went to see "Pleasantville." The movie has a very promising beginning, but then it has a very ugly turn of events. I was sickened by some of the issues addressed and was also disappointed in the ending. I do not, by any means, recommend this movie to anyone.

The beginning is very cute. Two siblings are mysteriously zapped into their TV. They are suddenly playing the roles of two children in the A60s show, "Pleasantville." The girl is a rebel in real life, but when she turns into the daughter on "Pleasantville," she changes and starts to enjoy things like reading. Her brother is somewhat of a dork in real life, but, in the show, he has friends and a girlfriend.

However the movie has a hideous change of events. The issues dealt with are not suitable for children and young teens. I strongly think this movie needs a harsher rating than PG-13, which deceives the public into thinking it is wholesome and teen-oriented.

The conclusion is very vague and abrupt. It leaves a lot of questions in the viewer's head. It is not fully developed and I could write a more suitable ending.

In conclusion, do not make the same mistake I made by wasting money on this horrible movie. It has a nice introduction and it is a shame it does not follow through. This is definitely not a "feel good" movie. Do not pay money to see it; it's not worth it.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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