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Horror Movies I Like and Dislike

Hey guy’s it’s moviemakerbridge12 (my youtube channel) or Bridget that’s my real name and today I will be sharing with you guys some horror movies that I like and dislike and my reviews of them! To start off, I am a big horror movie fan! I love to make horror movies and watch them. The 1st movie I will tell you about is American Mary directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska starring Katherine Isabelle and Tristian Risk. The twins are amazing directors, and actresses and very nice people. I got a chance to send them fan mail and they responded which was awesome! One day, I hopefully get a chance to work with them. American Mary is about Mary Mason, (Katherine Isabelle) a surgeon who quits med school and goes into body modification and becomes friends with Beatress (Tristian Risk). The movie had a great plot and really interesting characters. One of my favorite scenes is when the Mary’s going to work on the twins and puts on music and the surgeon dances. American Mary is full of blood, guts, and gore and if you are younger than 13 I suggest watch this movie with an adult. It’s available on netflix and you can buy it at Best Buy or a movie store. I highly suggest this film. I would rate it 10 out of 10.

The second film I will be talking about is The Conjuring directed by James Wan and starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. The Conjuring is based on a true story and about a dark presence in a family’s home. People said it was scarier than The Exorcist but I don’t think so. I was a little disappointed about this movie, I was thinking I was going to be so scared and not go to bed which is a good thing haha. It was not that scary and I didn’t think the story was that amazing. I did like Anabelle the creepy doll in this film that’s actually a real doll that is suppose to be haunted. I do recommend this film to people that don’t like really scary movies. I would rate this movie a 7 out of 10.

The next movie is not a recent horror movie but it’s a classic and if you haven’t seen it, you must watch it! Halloween is directed by one of my favorite directors, John Carpenter and starring Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s about Michael Myers who escapes from a psycho hospital and stalks Laurie Strode. It’s a slasher film but they never used blood in the movie. The music is amazing! It has lots of suspense and the story is exciting. I would rate this movie a 10 out of 10.

Mama came out in 2013 and is directed by Andres Muschietti and starring Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldu. It’s about 2 girls, Victoria and Lily they were left alone in a forest and Anabel and Lucas are going to raise them. They talk to Mama, a ghost. I was not impressed by this film. My friend Vicky, told me it was scary and good but I didn’t like the story,it was boring, and it was confusing to me. I would not suggest this film. I would rate this film a 5 out of 10.

The Purge is directed by James DeMonaco and starring Lena Headly and Ethan Hawke. The Purge is about a 12 hour period in which all crime is legal called The Purge. A rich family arm their house but then get’s held hostage. I was so excited for this movie to come out, I saw the trailer and said “I need to see this!!!” I saw it, and it wasn’t the best as I thought it was going to be. The story was interesting, the acting was ok, but it was not scary at all. I thought it was going to be creepy because the trailer looked creepy. I would rate this movie a 7 out of 10.
Sinister is directed by Scott Derrickson and starring Ethan Hawke and Juliet Rylance. It’s about a crime writer who finds 8mm home movies that show a murder a serial killer made that he is investigating. I thought this movie was scary, exciting, and had a great plot. The characters were well developed and it had a great beginning. I suggest this film and give it a 9 out of 10.

Scream, is another classic horror movie and you need to see it. Scream is directed by Wes Craven and starring Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox. It’s a slasher film but who doesn’t love them? It’s about a killer named Ghostface that kills teenagers. The music is good in this film, the acting is great, and the story is exciting. If you haven’t seen this classic, go and watch it! I would rate it 10 out of 10.

The Cabin in the Woods is directed by Drew Goddard and starring Kristian Connoly and Chris Hemsworth. I didn’t really like this movie because it was cheesy, not good acting, not a good story, and not scary. The ending was really weird too. I do not really suggest this movie only if you like bad horror movies. I would rate this 5 out of 10.

Insidious 1 and 2 is directed by James Wan and starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne. I loved both of these movies! I thought the 1st one was better but they both were great! My boyfriend Jack bought me an Insidious poster which is right there. The story was scary and interesting. The characters were well developed and funny. Great camera angles and lighting. I really do suggest to watch both these movies and would rate them 10 out of 10.

The last movie I will talk about is Children of the Corn directed by Fritz Kiersch and starring Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton. I love Stephen King who wrote the book before it was turned into a movie. It’s about a couple who get trapped in a remote town where a cult of children believe everyone older than 18 must be killed. It has a really creepy story and scary. Isaac one of the leaders of the cult scared me so much. They did really well in casting the actors and scouting out locations. It was scary, dark, creepy, film. I loved it! I would highly suggest watching this and rate it a 9 out of 10.

Hope you enjoyed my horror movie review video and comment below your favorite horror movie and if I should do this again but with a different genre! Thanks for watching please like, share, and subscribe! Love you guyssss bye!

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