the hobbit the desolation of smaug

January 23, 2014
By Frozenfromfeels1 PLATINUM, Cinncinati, Ohio
Frozenfromfeels1 PLATINUM, Cinncinati, Ohio
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Well, I'm reviewing the new hobbit movie, and in my opinion it is an amazing movie. The acting done by the cast was great, especially with aidan turner (who plays Kili), Dean O Gorman (who plays Fili), Richard Armitage (who plays thorin), and evangeline Lilly who plays the character created by Peter Jackson, tauriel was a great addition, I wasn't open to it at first, but the way Peter Jackson put her in was great, as well as the addition of legolas, though he didn't need that much screen time in my opinion. I think that having Kili shot was definitely a way to get fan girls to pay more attention, and i love how in this movie we get to see Fili and Kili brotherly romance, all the feels that comes with that. amazing acting on Dean O Gorman, aidan turner and Richard Armitage's part. The family love, you can really see when Kili gets shot. The part i love well one of them, is when Kili gets shot thorin can't see what happened, but the way Fili shouts his brother's name makes him worried. then later, Fili's scene his big scene with thorin in Lake town was amazing. It took me awhile to notice but except for his big scene with thorin at laketown, the majority of what Fili says is his brother's name. then finally, the ending of the movie is a giant! cliffhanger! what bugs me is that when Kili asks tauriel if she loves him, they don't give her a chance to answer.

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