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“Jobs” is a movie that is the story of Steve Jobs and how his company “Apple” was created and what it went through. All though the movie focuses on his rise to the success of “Apple” it also features Steve Jobs’ times of stress, family issues, and crisis. Honestly, I thought this movie would be exciting and enjoyable for anybody (mainly because of the trailer), but I was very wrong. From the moment the movie started I was interested but as it went on I lost interest and it got exponentially more tedious. The main thing I took away from the movie was don’t be rude to others because it will bite you in the butt in the end. Not only did his friends leave him, but he was away from his family a lot due to “Apple”. The movie practically exposed Steve Jobs as one of the rudest, but very career-focused CEO’s of the twenty-first century. Though the movie had its cons, it also had some things that should be applauded. First, it told a real story unlike most Hollywood movies that focuses on somebody and their career. Second, the actors did an amazing job being in character and telling a story of Steve Jobs, I know Steve Jobs would have been pleased. And finally, the movie did a very good job overall with effects, acting, script, etc. As for the movie as a whole I would give it a C- just because you have to be a certain type of person to like “Jobs”. My final thought on the movie would have to be it is an eye opening experience to see what Steve Jobs had to go through as well as his co-workers and family because of the rising success of “Apple” and the not so good times too, and how they tried to make the best outcome from every situation they were put up against.

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