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   This thrilling action-comedy surprisedcritics and audiences around the globe. No one thought that afairly good-looking, 30-year-old man (George Clooney) and adazzling 26-year-old woman (Jennifer Lopez), who has starredin many mediocre movies, could lead a fair cast to asuccessful blockbuster. This movie is one that you cannot turnoff. The author of the book, Elmore Leonard (who also wroteGet Shorty and Jackie Brown) wonderfully combines the elementsof comedy, action, drama, sex and character development. Thisis a movie in which you root for the villain, even thougheveryone seems to be one at times.

The story revolvesaround a couple in love who find the other on opposite sidesof the law. Jack Foley (Clooney) is a handsome yet devilishbank robber with an extensive criminal career, whose plot isto steal a $5,000,000 stash of uncut diamonds from a Detroithome. What makes him unique is that he is not violent. Insteadof holding people at gun point, he uses his deceiving looksand heart-touching charm. An unlucky dead battery lands him ina Florida jail. But not long after, he escapes with fellowinmates.

Throughout the film, Foley acts flamboyantly.He never depends on a gun, continuing to wear his dreadfulgrin. He is very intelligent and thinks almost everythingthrough, unlike your typical low-life bank robber. He is alsointerested in a bit of romance. Overall, Clooney does a greatjob with this role, and I cannot think of a better actor toplay the character.

On the other side of the law isKaren Sisco (Lopez), an intellectual and very attractivedetective. She is almost a prop at the beginning of the movieand does not care much for Foley's silly games. But after awhile, she finds herself very interested. Lopez plays thispart wonderfully. She does not ruin it by acting brainless.Sisco is a unique individual, seeming to be brainwashed byFoley's good looks and charm. She falls into a "love atfirst sight" ordeal.

This movie can be a bitconfusing at times because it relies on numerous flashbacks.The plot seems to become lost, and the audience begins towonder if what they are looking at is happening or part of thepast. Because of the developing romance and the various actionscenes, your attention is concentrated on what is happening.But this is what the writers, producers and directorsintended.

This comedy-action-suspense movie is amust-see. Everything about it is worthy of at least threestars. The director also uses freeze-frames and a wonderfulsoundtrack. "Out of Sight" will hook you from thebeginning and drag you emotionally until the last scene.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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i love this so much!
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