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   If you are familiar with thehumor of Steve Martin, you will agree that his movie,"Bowfinger," is one of his finest accomplishments.Not only did he write the slapstick comedy, he also stars init. Martin's knack for comedy and keeping an audienceentertained is once more very evident.

From theopening, the audience falls in love with Bowfinger (Martin).He is funny and unusual, the type of person everyone canrelate to. Joining Martin in this laughing adventure is thetalented Eddie Murphy, who plays both Kit Ramsey (the mostpopular movie star in Hollywood) as well as Kit's brother (aslightly nerdy guy who's not all there). Together, these twojokesters make the movie what it is.

The action beginswhen Bowfinger, a small-time movie producer, decides to make amovie starring none other than the famous Kit Ramsey. Sowhat's the problem? Kit would never agree to act in such amovie. He is the most wanted actor in Hollywood, after all. Sowhy not star Kit in the movie anyway - without his knowing.How is this possible? Leave it to Bowfinger to sneak aroundtown to hunt Kit down. When he finds him, he has the otheractors in the movie go up to Kit and say their lines. Whatmakes this so funny is that Kit has no idea who these peopleare or why they are saying these random things. What makes iteven funnier is that it works. Bowfinger makes his movie,starring Kit Ramsey.

I recommend "Bowfinger"to just about anyone who is in the mood for a good laugh.There's no movie like a clever, well-devised comedy. It isSteve Martin at his best. So if you know what's good for you,go and see "Bowfinger." You won't regret it.

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