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   As the first full-length feature film animated oncomputers, "Toy Story" was an instant hit. This miraculousmovie, directed by John Lasseter, stars the voices of Tim Allen and TomHanks, two admirable actors.

"Toy Story" is a comicalfilm with a positive moral message suitable for the whole family. Themessage: do not judge a book by its cover. It shows friendship can behiding in the most unexpected person; therefore, all one needs to do isfind the friendship and uncover the tremendous treasure that is afriend.

"Toy Story" takes place in six-year-old Andy'sbedroom. Woody, a pull-string cowboy, is content with his position asAndy's favorite toy. After Andy's birthday party, however, a new toyjoins Andy's collection. Buzz Lightyear is a fancy, new space-rangercomplete with laser action and pop-out wings. Soon all the toys, withthe exception of Woody, befriend Buzz. Woody becomes jealous since hedoes not want to lose his position as Andy's favorite toy. Through themovie, there is conflict between Woody and Buzz.

At the end,Woody and Buzz become lost and they must work together to find Andy.Eventually, the two realize they have found friends in eachother.

To have a true friend is a priceless gift. Woody and Buzzfinally realize this and, of course, "Toy Story" has a happyending. Since "Toy Story" was such an exceptional visually andmorally stimulating movie, I give it an A+.

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