October sky

November 3, 2008
The film virsion of october sky didn't include some of the characters the director joe johnston ,didn't some of the same scenes from the book. Instead he had decided to substitude some of the characters into one person. In the film virsion johnston didn't have a sherman in the book the sherman was one of sonnys friends and a alright guy. He was one of the guys that helped sonny build the rockets. in the movie johnston didn't show the ending part where sonny goes to the nasa space station . Also johnston didn't show the part where sonny goes to the beach to see his mom after his dad died. and where sonny finally goes to launch his final rocket into space with the clube johnston didn't show the boys go in and get the moonshine for their rockets instead of drinking it. the film virsion didn't call homer hickam jr.sonny instead they called homer sr. and homer jr. homer so it kinda cnfussed me because I could not tell which was sonny and which was homer hickam sr.

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