October 20, 2008
By Beth Delany, Inverness, IL

The thrilling movie, 1408, is a horror film with nail-biting scenes and vivid imagery. 1408 does not only leave you scared while the film is playing, but you are still checking around the corner well after the movie has ended.

Mike Enslin, played by John Cusack, is an author who writes about horrific scenes that he has seen and experienced in his life.

When John visits The Dolphin hotel in upper New York, he plans to stay in the notoriously haunted room 1408. John arrives at The Dolphin in early evening ready for the normal “haunted” experiences that usually happen, such as peculiar noises and a strange thick air with some gory history.

Hotel manager, Samuel L. Jackson, warns Cusack of the brutal and mysterious 56 deaths that have occurred in room 1408. However, Cusack insists that he has seen it all, and he just does not get scared anymore.

Little does Mike know, room 1408 is haunted with unimaginable paranormal activity, mysterious and totally undeniable happenings, and one very special guest; his dead little girl.

Mike finally realizes that mistake he has made, but will he able to get out? If he does get out, will he get out alive?

This is one of the best horror films I have seen in my 15 years. 1408 is not just another lame scary movie with a pointless plot, such as The Ring. People who would love this movie are people who are hungry for ghosts, vivid images, and just a really good scare. 1408 will keep you in tune until the last scene. However, after the movie I still had a few unanswered questions. Could this mean a sequel to 1408? 1408 was a real thriller that will leave you on the end of your seat.

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