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   Some maydisagree, but films mixing comedy and college romance have become boringand cliched. The plot of two beautiful people (older in reality than thecharacters they play) falling in love, breaking up and then falling inlove again has become all-too-common. The only thing selling the moviesis the star power. The ticket sales for "Down to You" are aresult of teen-craze Freddie Prinze, Jr. and not the genius of the film,which is non-existent.

In "Down to You," a collegecouple, Al Connelly (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) and Imogen (Julia Stiles),travel together down the road of love, their first trip, in fact. Thisfreshman-sophomore couple match perfectly, but create little interest.Within the first few opening scenes the entire plot is easily figuredout.

The film is too long; an excess of characters wastes timeand has no impact on the movie. It seems the writer knew the plot was soeasy that he tried to deceive the viewer by introducing uselesscharacters. If this was the plan, it failed, and only made the film agreater disappointment.

I wouldn't say the entire movie was a"bomb;" the consummation of shampoo and the cute ways ofexpressing love, such as a passion for cake, were humorous andenjoyable. Also, the chaotic setting of New York City and peculiarfriends were a plus. However, its predictability takes away from its fewhigh points.

"Down to You" is aimed at high schoolersdying to see what college is like. If an overindulgence of gratuitoussex and alcohol with a little romance is what you consider an excellentmovie, then I recommend it whole-heartedly. Otherwise, I suggest notwasting money on this cutesy, dull product of Hollywood.

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