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   Although it isn't quite as good as the original,"Scream 3" is very entertaining and much better than thesecond. There are some differences from the first two, probably becauseKevin Williamson wrote them and Ehren Kruger wrote the third. Krugerdoes a good job with the script - it's very clever and amusing. Thesetting, often the studio where the "film within a film" isshot, ("Stab 3," based on the "Scream" characters)produces a different tone. At times, "Scream 3" is confusingbecause of this technique, but it gets back ontrack.

"Scream 3" is probably the most complex of theseries, making it more interesting, if not quite asscary.

Returning from previous "Scream" productions areNeve Campbell, Courtney Cox, Liev Schreiber and David Arquette.

Sidney Prescott (Campbell) is secluded in a house faraway fromcity life. She has moved, changed her name and done everything to keepher identity secret. Despite her efforts, the killer finds her. Themovie is exciting right from the beginning when the voice of the killeris revealed as he calls the boyfriend of his first victim.

Themovie is based on the actual script of "Stab 3" in"Scream 3." This is less confusing than it seems. The killer'srole is played by Leiv Schreiber. I don't want to give away the plot, soI will only say that this psycho has planned his murders based on one ofthe three scripts from "Stab 3." His plans go back to SidneyPrescott's mother with revenge in mind.

There are several twistsin "Scream 3" that make the movie fun. Also keep in mind apossible "Scream 4." It is said that in a trilogy, killerscannot be just stabbed or shot; they must be dealt with in moreextraordinary ways. If not, there's always a chance for a follow-upfilm.

Overall, "Scream 3" is good. The "moviewithin a movie" idea is different and interesting. I also like thetwists, and that the killer's identity isn't revealed until the end. Ifyou liked the first two "Scream" movies, or movies of the sametype, I suggest seeing "Scream 3."

This movie is rated R. All those under17 must be accompanied by an adult.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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