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   I walked into the theater with threefriends and mixed feelings about "Here on Earth," but left awed by thetear-jerking love story.

The film takes place in a rural New Englandtown where local boys and those from a nearby exclusive prep school have anhistoric rivalry. When a very handsome prep school boy, Kelley Morse (ChrisKlein), takes his new car and two friends for a drive past the town restaurant,they run into the local boys, led by the handsome Jasper Arnold (Josh Harnett).Morse starts to sweet-talk the waitress, who turns out to be Arnold's girlfriend,Samantha (Leelee Sobeiski). The boys exchange harsh words and decide to racetheir cars through town.

Things get out of control when they hit a gaspump and start a large fire that burns down the restaurant owned by Samantha'sfamily.

A judge sentences the boys to spend their summer rebuilding therestaurant. Morse is forced to live with Arnold. With the boys living in the samehouse, and so close to Samantha, their rivalry intensifies.

The storytakes a shocking twist toward the end (that I won't give away). I stronglysuggest your next movie ticket be for "Here on Earth." You won't bedisappointed.

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i love this so much!


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