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   "High Fidelity"is about one thing: commitment. The film begins with Rob Gordon (JohnCusack) describing his list of "Top 5 Most MemorableBreak-ups," which leads to his recent break-up with Laura (IbenHjejle). Laura, he claims, doesn't even make the Top 5.

WhenGordon isn't trying to understand why these women broke up with him ortrying to get Laura back from the peaceful Ian Raymond (Tim Robbins),he's running his record store, Championship Vinyl, with Dick (ToddLouiso) and Barry (the hilarious Jack Black).

Dick is shy,nervous and nearly silent compared with the loud, obnoxious Barry whowakes us from Rob's monologue by blasting his special "Mondaymorning" mix tape and spewing his own Top 5.

Gordon triesto, and in some cases does, contact his former girlfriends to find outwhy they are no longer together. He begins with a six-hour middle schoolrelationship, but eventually everything leads back to Laura.

Ienjoyed "High Fidelity" so much I immediately visited themovie's website [http://studio.go.com/movies/highfidelity], which isalso brilliant. The home page is a picture of Championship Vinyl'sexterior, with various flyers that take you to the other pages when youclick on them. An entire page is devoted to Top 5 lists, including Top 5songs about setting stuff on fire and for the vertically challenged.Another page has sound bites of Gordon's monologues. Each page also hasa yellow sticker that takes you to a home video starring Cusack, Blackand Louiso and another Top 5 list.

Both the movie and website areworth your money and time, and the book by Nick Hornby is worth checkingout, too.

This movie is rated R. All those under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

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