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December 17, 2013
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Marley and Me, written by John Gorgan is an autobiography of himself and his 13 years of life from the moment he married his wife Jenny, leading up to getting the dog that changed his life forever, Marley. In the book, since it was in a first-person narrative, He didn’t describe things that were showed in the movie, such as the characters. In the Movie John is played by Owen Wilson who played a blonde, tall strong man. He was a strong-hearted man in the movie. He always knew what to say in order to lighten up the day. He was the man that was always there for everyone. His wife Jenny, in the movie was played by, Jennifer Aniston. In the movie, she was a blonde girl, a little shorter than John with a great personality. She played exactly how a mother, and wife would act. She had that motherly instinct that you can see in a movie. Marley on the other hand is no human, although he acts like exactly like a little boy growing up. Marley is a brown, golden retriever that loves to be everyone’s best friend. He didn’t get jealous as easily. For example, when Jenny and John brought home their first-born son Patrick, Marley would observe carefully. Maybe on or two times he would get overly excited when Patrick would turn or make a sound, but sooner or later, Marley made Patrick his new best friend. This made John and Jenny comfortable knowing that Marley wouldn’t hurt him.

In the movie, the setting changed quite often. In the book, it talks about them starting with having a nice size house, with great potential. In the movie, their first house was exactly how it was described in the book. It had a reasonable back yard for Marley. The house was walking distance from a lot of places such as beaches and restaurants. The park there was exactly like any other park, green grass with open spaces for dog owners to play with their dogs. Later, when their family started to grow, they moved to another house. This house was in a place with a lot less people since their first house. It was full of out door space as well as indoor space for their now family of 6, John, Jenny, and their three kids plus Marley. This place was a safe environment for kids, and away from dangerous place. Unlike the first house they were at. The first place they were at was not a safe place to raise children.

In the book, I had a lot of favorite parts. I had two majorly favorite parts in the book and the movie. The first one was when Jenny and John had their first baby child. This is my first favorite part because the emotion that the book, and movie had. After their first unfortunate mischarge the first time, I could see how much this meant for them. In the book, John Gorgan made the scene come alive, the tears that they had, the sadness and disappointment in the mischarge. In the movie, Jennifer Aniston played that scene perfectly; she showed the real emotion that every mother would feel about a mischarge. She proved to her audience that how much it meant to Jenny in the book, and movie.

My second favorite part was also sad, yet very exciting. This took place in their first house that they moved to, before buying the house, they knew about the murders that took place in the neighbor hood. They still bought the house, but made sure they were safe from any harm. About one year later after Patrick, their first baby, was born, they were just about to go to sleep when they heard a loud scream. The scream came from a seventeen year-old teenager, but this wasn’t just a scream of laughter. In the book, it was a scream of pain. John and Marley rushed out side too find a girl, leaning next to her car, bleeding. Jenny stayed inside and called 911. Sooner or later, the policemen came to take the girl. She said she was listening to music when the guy came and told her that if she screamed, he would stab her. She screamed, and he did what he said he’d do. He stabbed her. In the book, again, John made the scene come alive. He used exciting and powerful words to bring the scene alive. Although this was a sad scene, I like it because it seemed so real. In the movie, Owen Wilson played the role perfectly again. He rushed there instantly and stayed with her until the police came. He comforted her, as a father would do. Owen Wilson showed that emotion that he needed to. Those were my favorite parts in the book and movie.

For this book and Movie, I believe that the theme is to enjoy life, for you don’t get another chance to live it. I believe that this is the theme because John and Jenny took chances in their life not knowing what was in it for them. They got Marley without knowing if he was going to be too much work for them. They moved into a house in a neighborhood that was known for danger. They took all these chances because they wanted to enjoy life, and you can’t enjoy life if you don’t take risk. They took Pride in how far they had come, and faith in how far they would go.

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