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   "Miramax Films' 1996version of the 1847 novel Jane Eyre makes for a delightful viewing.Written by Charlotte Bronte, the book is widely credited as the thefirst novel to center around an independent, intelligent youngwoman.

The film opens with Jane being sent from her jealousaunt's home (Jane's parents are dead) to an uninviting orphanage calledLowood. Young Jane (Academy Award-Winner Anna Paquin) is forced to livein the filthy, oppressive environment until she reaches youngadulthood.

When Jane is old enough, she leaves Lowood forThornfield Hall to become a governess for a certain Mr. Rochester'sdaughter. She finds her work comfortably tolerable until peculiar thingsbegin to happen in the Rochester home. Jane begins to experienceconfusion about her feelings toward Mr. Rochester. As fate would haveit, Jane is not the only one perplexed; Mr. Rochester is having similarfeelings. After a whirlwind of events, things culminate in a marriageproposal. This is the movie's climax and a turning point in Jane's life- it is the first time she has ever felt loved.

Though Jane ismore content than before, there are still issues to be resolved. At thewedding, explanations of the past reveal Mr. Rochester to be marriedalready to a crazy woman. Discouraged and heartbroken, Jane fleesThornfield in an appropriately dreary glory. The disturbed Mrs.Rochester sets fire to Thornfield, leveling the structure, injuring Mr.Rochester and ending her own life. Jane, who in her flight has come intoan inheritance from a long-lost uncle, returns to Mr. Rochester. In anending befitting a fairy tale, she promises never to leave himagain.

Thanks to the watchful eye of director Franco Zeffirelli,"Jane Eyre" masterfully captures the dreary mood and dampemotional atmosphere of 19th-century England. With an all-star cast ofAcademy Award-winner William Hurt (Mr. Rochester) and French AcademyAward-winner Charlotte Gainsbourg (adult Jane), the characters of Ms.Bronte's imagination are skillfully and realistically brought tolife.

Whether or not the viewer is a British literatureenthusiast, "Jane Eyre" is sure to capture interest.Creatively weaving modern moviemaking and classic literature, the plightof the first strong-minded heroine of our time is told in this memorableand satisfying film.

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