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   When I first heard a new Dracula movie was coming out, Iwas ecstatic. Sure, not one movie starring the fanged creature of the night hasactually been worthwhile, but persistently pushing boundaries has been thepractice of Hollywood.

"Dracula 2000" may not be an AcademyAward-winner, but it leaps and bounds over other vampire movies (for example"Bram Stoker's Dracula" and "Interview with the Vampire,"which mutilated Anne Rice's book).

The plot is surprisingly strong,considering it is obviously geared toward teenagers. Abraham Van Helsing(Christopher Plummer), an antiques collector, has a vault in England with his"treasure" inside. One of Van Helsing's workers (Jennifer Esposito) isa petty thief and her crew helps relieve her boss of a coffin. Dracula (GerardButler) escapes from this coffin and ends up in New Orleans. The movie would beruined if any more of the story were disclosed.

"Dracula 2000"offers a fresh look at Dracula. Setting the notorious vampire in Mardi Gras waswhat the movie desperately needed. It was refreshing to see the mysterious charmof Dracula be more powerful than his bite. The movie still, however, has excitingfight sequences. I think the best part was the explanation of Dracula'sbackground and how he and his weaknesses came to be.

It is obvious thatthe writers of "Dracula 2000" at least put some thought into a movieabout a timeless character. They get an A for effort. Although the movie lackedcharacter development, it deserves more than the thrashing it received in mostreviews.

This movie is rated R. All those under 17 must be accompanied byan adult.

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